November 18, 2014

Building Dementia-Friendly Communities - Senator Amy Klobuchar & Olivia Mastry

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Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota joined us at the top of the call to discuss her work in the Senate to stop Alzheimer’s – for example, increasing NIH funding for Alzheimer’s research as well as tax credits for caregivers – and the importance that these efforts be bipartisan. UsAgainstAlzheimer's is deeply grateful to Senator Klobuchar for her ongoing work to fight Alzheimer's and for joining us on Alzheimer's Talks.

We then spoke with Olivia Mastry, Executive Director of ACT on Alzheimer’s, which has helped 32 communities around Minnesota take steps to become “dementia-friendly.” ACT on Alzheimer’s is a collaborative of 60 public and private organizations and hundreds of individuals. They have developed resources that any community can use to raise awareness and support both patients and caregivers.



Here are just a few of the key points Olivia addressed in our conversation:

  1. A dementia-friendly community is defined as one that is informed, safe, respectful and that fosters quality of life for people with dementia and their family caregivers.
  2. ACT on Alzheimer’s has developed a toolkit based on research and best practices so that anyone can make their community or part of their community dementia-friendly.
  3. They identified four-stages, and offer resources at each step to help communities come together, identify their needs, create goals, and take action.
  4. We have provided meaningful access to communities for people with physical disabilities, it’s now time to do the same thing for those with cognitive impairments.

Click here to download ACT on Alzheimer’s free toolkit to help make your own community dementia-friendly.