December 4, 2014

Finding Alzheimer's Drug Breakthroughs - Dr. Howard Fillit

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We’re very excited about the work that the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation is doing. Their prevention work through combined with their investments at key points in the drug development process are essential in helping us fight this disease.

The ADDF is one of our favorite organizations because what it does is so tangible: it focuses on prevention and provides critical seed funding to scientific entrepreneurs conducting breakthrough drug discovery and clinical research. Together, we have confidence we can stop this terrible disease by 2020. 


Here are some highlights from our Alzheimer’s Talk with Dr. Howard Fillit, Founding Executive Director and Chief Science Officer at the Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation:

  1. Evidence suggests that healthy lifestyle changes can make a difference. Over the past 30 years, the risk of dementia has decreased for 60-year-olds, and this is most often attributed to changes in lifestyle.
  2. Exercise has positive effects on the brain. Studies show that a brisk 45-minute walk three days a week for six months actually increased hippocampal growth and improved cognitive function for 75-year-old patients.
  3. New drug research is essential. There are hundreds of potential Alzheimer’s drugs in the pipeline – but the hardest step is gathering all of the essential data both in vitro and in clinical trials.
  4. Dr. Fillit highlighted that while Alzheimer’s research has progressed dramatically in terms of understanding the biology of this disease – the science of finding a cure is far behind. The most powerful thing people can do is help fund the research and share awareness for prevention.
  5. Visiting is one great way to sift through the research on prevention to learn what’s real and what’s hype.