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November 05, 2017 - Karen Garner

"Missing Jim"

Jim was 47 years old when we started recognizing something was changing and started searching for a diagnosis, which took over two years. He had been retired from the Air Force, as a Senior Master Sergeant, for five years. He passed away in June 2016 at the age of 52. Our children are now 14 and 17 and also helped care for him while he was still home. Unfortunately, he had a violent episode and we were unable to keep him in our home, so he spent the last eight months of his life in a memory care facility. His
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January 10, 2017 - Karen Garner


Last year, my husband, Jim, lost his 7-year battle with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. He was just 53 years old. It hurt to spend the holidays without him. But as I reflect on the most difficult year of my life, I’m filled with gratitude for all those who find the strength to keep fighting this devastating disease. I am thankful for those fighting so hard for critical research funding, including UsAgainstAlzheimer’s, and for researchers who are in the trenches trying to find a cure. It must get frustrating going to work each day when for every step forward it seems there