May 28, 2021

BrainStorm - Taking Charge: Your Path to Brain Health


BrainStorm - Taking Charge: Your Path to Brain Health

About This Episode

Life during the pandemic has many of us experiencing brain fog, fearing mental decline, and feeling overwhelmed as never before. Now, as we move toward a post-pandemic world, the sense of being overwhelmed might increase even more. The good news is that adopting brain-healthy practices can help us do some housecleaning in our minds, allowing us to feel sharper and more capable of adapting to changes by overcoming challenges and being in control of our lives.

In this episode of BrainStorm, you will hear Dr. Sandra Bond Chapman, founder and chief director of the Center for BrainHealth at The University of Texas at Dallas provide strategies to combat brain fog and the feeling of being overwhelmed. You’ll also hear some remarks from Retired Admiral William McRaven, ninth commander of the United States Special Operations Command, regarding the kind of brain we all want and need.

Press the 'Play' button under the image at left to hear a podcast of the conversation, or watch the full session HERE.

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